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Not all starch is the same

HI-MAIZE resistant starch is a natural bioactive ingredient obtained from a special non-GMO corn that is high in amylose content. In the last 20 years, more than 350 published studies – including more than 70 human clinical trials – have demonstrated a range of potential health benefits obtainable from eating foods containing HI-MAIZE resistant starch.

A different kind of healthy carbohydrate...




Glycemic management*: HI-MAIZE resistant starch helps the body's natural mechanisms to maintain healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range by improving insulin sensitivity in healthy people. Hi-maize resistant starch also reduces the glycemic and insulin response of foods when substituted for flour or other rapidly digested carbohydrates.


Weight management*: HI-MAIZE resistant starch helps to maintain a healthy weight in two primary ways: (1) Hi-maize resistant starch delivers fewer calories than flour and is a valuable part of diets designed for maintaining healthy weight. (2) Hi-maize resistant starch can help individuals feel fuller, not only in the hours after eating, but surprisingly, also the next day.


Digestive health*: HI-MAIZE resistant starch also helps to promote a healthy intestinal tract.  It has a mild bulking effect and promotes regularity.  Hi-maize resistant starch has prebiotic properties and is slowly fermented by the resident beneficial bacteria, which lowers the pH, reduces ammonia, phenols and other potentially harmful compounds and helps to keep the digestive tract healthy and well.


Ease of use: HI-MAIZE resistant starch easily replaces a portion of the flour in foods such as bread, baked goods, pasta and snacks. It is ideal for dough because it holds a similar amount of water to flour and it does not continue to absorb water over time like many whole grains. HI-MAIZE resistant starch offers excellent stability against acid, yeast and low-medium shear processes.   HI-MAIZE resistant starch is extraordinarily well tolerated.*  One review of eight published human clinical studies concluded that individuals could consume up to 45 grams of dietary fiber from high amylose corn resistant starch without side effects.1


* Each benefit is supported by published peer reviewed studies in healthy people. 1.  Grabitske HA, Slavin JL.  Gastrointestinal effects of low-digestible carbohydrates.  Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.  (2009)  49:327-360.




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HI-MAIZE resistant starch & glycemic health

Several studies have been conducted on the impact of 

HI-MAIZE resistant starch on glycemic health. The studies examine the use of HI-MAIZE starch as a replacement for rapidly digestible (high-glycemic) carbohydrates.

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HI-MAIZE resistant starch proven health benefits

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